MPhil/ PhD Admissions -Fall-2021


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The last date for submission of applications is 30-08-2021.  For further information & queries, please contact 051-90644066 

NOTE: The date and time of interview shall be announced by NCB after the test. No separate call-up letter for test/ interview will be issued. Hostel accommodation will only be provided, if available. Applications that are incomplete or received after due date shall not be entertained.

Test Guidelines :

Computational Section


Python Bioperl Java  Csharp



FoxPro, Visual Basic

Bioinformatics Section

introduction to major genomic databases of eukaryotes (plants, Insects and Vertebrates)

Introduction to major proteome databases of eukaryotes (plants Insects and Vertebrates)

Basic understanding of major comparative genomics )proteomics algorithms and their utility e.g. Global. and Local alignment programs

Basic understanding of phylogenetic tree construction algorithms and their utility e.g.Neighbor-Joining Minimum evolution Maximum Parsimony, UPGMA

Basic understanding of protein structure prediction computer tools algorithms, e.g.Homology modeling and protein threading etc.

Biochemistry Molecular biology section

Basic understanding of Molecular and biochemical mechanisms governing the cultural, developmental, and physiological aspects of eukaryotic life forms

DNA replication



energy-yielding metabolic pathways