NCB is offering BS, M.Phil and Ph.D. programmes in the area of Bioinformatics.


Core Courses
Code No. TitleCredit Hour
Binf-751 Genomics   3
Binf-752 Computer Fundamentals   3
Binf-753 Essential Mathematics and Statistics   3
Binf-754 Introduction to Data Structure   3
Binf-755 Biological Sequence Analysis and Structural Bioinformatics   3
Binf-756 Object Oriented Programming   3
Binf-757 Proteomics   3
Binf-758 Algorithms   3
Binf-759 Computational Immunology   3
Binf-760 Advance Database Systems   3
Binf-761 Statistical Methods For Computational Biology    3
Binf-762 Molecular Dynamics    3
Binf-763 Advances In Molecular Dynamics   3
Binf-764 Advance Statistical Methods   3

List of Optional Courses
Code No.TitleCredit Hour
Binf-523 Transgenic Research    3
Binf-707 Cell and Molecular Biology   3
Binf-506 Biophysics   3
Binf-774 Computational Gene Expression Analysis                                     3
Binf-715 Gene Cloning and DNA Analysis   3
Binf-710 Molecular Biology Technques   3
Binf-501 Advances in Molecular Biology   3
Binf-502 Advances in Molecular Genetics    3
Binf-513 Gene Expression and Regulation   3
Binf-500 Seminar   3