Research Interest

PhD. Produced

Nazia Parveen

Comparative Studies of Gene Regulatory Networks Involved in Brain Develoment

Rashid Minhas

Cis-acting Control of Human Developmental Regulator GLI2

PhD. Enrolled

Rabail Zehra

Construing the Distinguishing Role of Regulatory Elements in Human CNS Development

Nashaiman Pervaiz

Decoding the Genetic Underpinnings of Hominin Brain Size

Shahid Ali

Elucidating Cis-acting Regulatory Control for Human GLI Paralogs

Irfan Hussain

Functional Evaluation and Deciphering Novel Insights into the Constraint, Distribution and Overlapping Functions of GLI Gene Family Non-coding Regulatory Controls

Fatima Batool

Elucidating Fore-brain Specific Human Enhancers Through Heterotypic Interactions Among Transcriptional Factors