NCB is offering BS( 4 years), M.Phil(2 years) and Ph.D. programmes  in the area of Bioinformatics.



For completion of the degree, the minimum qualifying CGPAs for BS and MS/MPhil Students are 2.00 and 2.50, respectively.  In case a student secures less than 2.00 CGPA (minimum qualifying CGPA) at the end of final Semester, s/he may be allowed to get re-admission in one or more courses, in which his/her Grade is below C, along with the forthcoming semester, provided that s/he is not debarred under the CGPA Improvement Regulation and time duration specified for the program


English Language Proficiency

All programmes at the University of QAU are taught and assessed in the medium of English


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MPhil and Ph.D. Courses Details. 

Core Courses
Code No. TitleCredit Hour
Binf-751 Genomics   3
Binf-752 Computer Fundamentals   3
Binf-753 Essential Mathematics and Statistics   3
Binf-754 Introduction to Data Structure   3
Binf-755 Biological Sequence Analysis and Structural Bioinformatics   3
Binf-756 Object-Oriented Programming   3
Binf-757 Proteomics   3
Binf-758 Algorithms   3
Binf-759 Computational Immunology   3
Binf-760 Advance Database Systems   3
Binf-761 Statistical Methods For Computational Biology    3
Binf-762 Molecular Dynamics    3
Binf-763 Advances In Molecular Dynamics   3
Binf-764 Advance Statistical Methods   3

List of Optional Courses
Code No.TitleCredit Hour
Binf-523 Transgenic Research    3
Binf-707 Cell and Molecular Biology   3
Binf-506 Biophysics   3
Binf-774 Computational Gene Expression Analysis                                     3
Binf-715 Gene Cloning and DNA Analysis   3
Binf-710 Molecular Biology Techniques   3
Binf-501 Advances in Molecular Biology   3
Binf-502 Advances in Molecular Genetics    3
Binf-513 Gene Expression and Regulation   3
Binf-500 Seminar   3

BS Courses Complete List